Seller FAQ’s

What types of items do you accept?   Any and all items are welcome for review. Take the virtual tour and you’ll see antiques and “gently used” goods. If you’re uncertain, submit a photo and one of the owners will get right back to you about your item’s possibilities? 

How does the consignment process start? Contact us via the website or at the store. Let’s set up an appointment and get together in person.  We’ll review and value the items on site (usually) and arrange for delivery.

Could I see a copy of the contract? Of course. Email us and we’ll  email you a copy. Each consigner receives a full copy for their own records.

Is there a charge for a pick up? Yes, delivery service charges start at $75.00 per truck .

I’m in the neighborhood, may I just drop my items by the store?  No. Consignment items are brought in by appointment only. Our sales staff’s function is to focus on selling during business hours. Unexpected drop offs of merchandise is not only discouraged, it’s refused.

When do I get paid?  Within 2 weeks of the selling date, you will be provided a check and an itemized receipt of the items sold.

What if my item doesn’t sell? It happens. transportation is your responsibility. If you are no longer interested in the item’s return we can arrange for an NPO pick up.