Buyers Policies & Facts

 What form of payments do you accept

We accept cash, Visa,Mastercard, and American Express. We will accept check with photo I.D. or at the discression of management.What is your return policy?

All sales are final and because of the nature of the merchandise considered “as found”.

Can you deliver my purchase?

As a courtesy ,we can arrange thru separate carriers or  provide you with reliable delivery service contacts. Ultimately the responsibility is yours to have the merchandise delivered.

What arrangements do I need to make to pick up my purchase?   Simply, arranging a pickup at the time of purchase is best. However, we’re well aware that extenuating circumstances exist so we’d ask for as much advanced notice as possible. (24hrs for example)

Will you load my purchase?

Your safety is important to us so we always recommend a professional moving service. However, If you chose to load the item yourself please be aware that due to our insurance restrictions, our staff is not permitted to load items into your vehicle. For your convenience, we will help you move items to the front door, with the exception of fragile antiques, items that require disassembly or any item weighing more than 50 lbs.

Do you offer storage?

Yes, we give you 3 free days of storage. All sold items are considered the property of the purchaser and we are not responsible for damage to any item not removed from the store at the point of purchase.

If long term storage is needed,(over 3 days), we can provide you with a list of storage companies that can accommodate this need.

Will you hold an item while I make up my mind?

Yes. We hold items for 24 hours. Please note that as a consignment shop, we have a responsibility to make consignor’s merchandise available immediately after the 24 hour hold has expired.

Can I make an offer?

Sure, if an item has been in the store for an extended period of time we will entertain offers on a piece by piece basis. However, we have a contractual obligation to our consignors and price flexibility is not an absolute but rather an exception.

Why can’t I have a discount now? Simply, it is our goal to provide a positive buying and selling experience. Merchandise is brought into the store “priced to sell” and to assume that discounts are available on everything would not be an honest approach to our buyers or sellers.